We're Obsessed

As marketers, and brand advocacy and customer experience strategists, it is on us to understand not only every interaction, perception and feeling buyers and customers have at each touchpoint of our brand, but to partner with them along their customer lifetime journey to continuously delight them in the process.  

That starts with going beyond customer-centricity to customer-obsession!

Meet Sue and Stacey

We met on a Twitter chat in 2016 and decided to start #AdvoChat to promote Brand Advocacy and Customer Experience  as not enough discussion is on them - they are the cornerstones to corporate growth. Our goal is to advance the cause and get these topics into the mainstream.

Stacey tweeted out that she was joining the #TwitterSmarter chat on her way to GoDaddy's Sunnyvale office where she works, and Sue tweeted that she was a happy GoDaddy customer in Palo Alto, just as Caltrain rolled through that city. An organic customer/employee advocate alliance was born, friends were made, and this project got its start.


Sue Duris


Sue Duris is Co-Founder and Director of Marketing and Customer Experience for M4 Communications, a Palo Alto, CA-based strategic marketing consultancy that helps SaaS tech startups build strong marketing and customer experience infrastructures that enable them to grow. Her unique ability to combine marketing strategy and customer experience with analytics has enabled her to help companies acquire and retain customers and convert them into lifetime brand advocates.


Stacey De Polo


Stacey De Polo, GoDaddy’s Social Advocacy Manager, has been harnessing the power of Advocacy for nearly two decades. She manages nearly half a million Brand Advocates and nearly a thousand Employee Advocates for GoDaddy. Since joining GoDaddy in 2013, she launched and managed its first ever Net Promoter Score (NPS) program to improve customer experience. Her social media listening initiatives facilitated a dramatic improvement of brand social sentiment.

Spread the Word

Join us in promoting Brand Advocacy by spreading the word about #AdvoChat, a Twitter chat, that meets the first Thursday of the month at 11 AM Pacific, 2 PM Eastern.