What is #AdvoChat?

#Advochat is a monthly twitter chat where we advance the cause of Brand Advocacy.

We meet the first Thursday of month on Twitter at 11am P/12pm M/1pm C/2 pm E.

Being able to delight customers is the name of the game. Doing this will encourage them to tell everyone they know how awesome you are. We do this by creating remarkable experiences that stimulate organic word-of-mouth brand advocacy.

But, only 23% of brands have implemented truly effective customer experience programs that are achieving high revenue. And only 20% have implemented brand advocacy programs.

It is time both brand advocacy and customer experience hit the mainstream.

We hope you will embark on this journey with us and we hope to share with and learn from all brand advocacy and customer experience fans.

When's the last time you did business without seeking proof?

We all know from our own experiences that a powerful mix of word-of-mouth, advocacy, and influencer recommendations impact our decisions to purchase everything from coffee to cars. Yet in our marketing strategy meetings and plans we actively resist this world, to chase metrics that pay our bills.

It's time to have the courage to join the alliance of customers and marketers that we each know we are, and craft the future that is mutually beneficial. This future places advocacy where it belongs, at the top of the sales funnel. If we've merely earned a sale, we're not done. Until we've delighted the customer to the point where they are taking an advocate action, we're not done.


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